WASN 2018 annual report


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Summary of 2018 activities

Women and AIDS Support Network 2018 activities were similar to the 2017 activities. The activities were carried out in Masuka area in Gokwe south District with women &girls constitute 80% and men & boys 20%. The activities were as follows the clearance protocol, baseline survey, training in Leadership & SRHR, communication & assertiveness training, advocacy training and community dialogue between services providers & the support group members.

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October Breast Cancer Awareness month

Ladies !!!! Ladies!!! take time to be examined for breast cancer. Early detection can save your life. Early signs of breast cancer can be a lump in the breast, a painful breast or armpit or blood stained discharge or clear fluid discharge from the nipple or changes in the size, shape or contour of the breast. Should one experience tingling, itching, increased sensitivity or burning pain in the breast or nipples and persistent fever or chills one needs to be examined just to rule out breast cancer because these signs and symptoms could be due to other conditions.
This month take time to go for screening, your health matters!!!

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Stock outs of TB medicines in Zimbabwe

As WASN we are greatly concerned with the stock outs of TB medicines in the country. TB is preventable, curable and can be contained if all stakeholders play their part.
Stock outs should concern everyone as there will be drug resistance which results in catastrophic results.
The question is who should have seen that the country’s stock levels are dwindling and did not do the honorable thing to order on time?
We hope that the supply intended for the country arrives soon.

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Summary of 2017 activities- 16 days of activism and community dialogue

WASN conducted an awareness campaign on Gender Based Violence (GBV)during the 16 Days of Activism. WASN held the community dialogue with support group members and various stakeholders on 8th of December 2017 in Gokwe South District at Musita Clinic. The campaign sensitized the support group members about GBV as well as educating the members on the action they could take. WASN invited the ZRP Victim Friendly Unit to enlighten the members on the Domestic Violence Act and other supporting legislations in dealing with perpetrators. WASN pursued the theme “Leave No one Behind to end Gender Based Violence”.

The following stakeholders DAC,OI, PMTCT, VFU, the Nutritionist,the Community nurse, Environmentalist, Kraal Herd, Headman, Councilors and MASO graced the event as they addressed the support group members on various issues. The stakeholders explained their roles, access to services offered to the community and the challenges they encounter to deliver the services.

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Summary of 2017 activities

Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN)held various trainings in Gokwe South District at Musita Clinic with two support groups of 80 women and girls,20 men and boys making a total of 100. During the first quarter WASN conducted a baseline survey on knowledge levels of support group members which indicated their challenges at family,community and health institutions.There were gaps in information regards HIV and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and low literacy levels. The health workers also sighted challenges of inadequate staff to deal with overwhelming numbers of clients resulting in burn out.

For these two groups 20% did not attend school prompting WASN to do most of the training using the vernacular language (Shona). Another observation during the training was 9% of women and girls did not have national identification and birth certificates contributing to unequal access to opportunities like voting and access of loans.

In the second and third quarter WASN conducted trainings on Leadership, Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights, Communication, Assertiveness and Advocacy. The trainings capacitated the members to apply knowledge on SRHR, communicate and being assertive has led them to think critically and analytically on why certain issues are handled in certain ways. They have advocated for different issues like food allocation,land allocation and confidentiality during treatment.

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Cervical Cancer screening using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIAC) results may come out as follows.


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